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I just came across a new outlet for cam models called Girls Jilling Off. Solo women go there to broadcast themselves masturbating for a willing audience. That audience includes me among its esteemed member base.

Jilling off is the female equivalent of jacking off for guys. New terms like this come along all the time and are what essentially keep the English language alive. It’s not for nothing that new words even appear in other languages with clear roots in English. For better or worse it has become a truly international language.

Many years ago a fellow told me he had a hot date planned with Jill. With a wry smile he then proceeded to show me how his extended hand could be made out to spell the word Jill. In other words he planned to go home and have a wank. Back in those days we might have a look at a bra ad in the newspaper. Now you can go online and find virtually any variation of human sexual activity that you want with a few clicks. We’re truly spoiled for choice.


Asian cam models and more

I must admit that I am partial to watching Asian girls masturbating. So I tend to click the Asian category tab there on the sidebar. That’s after I have a proper look over the homepage just to make sure I don’t miss any particularly beautiful women of another persuasion.

Asian webcam model in see thru pantiesAsian webcam model in see thru panties

It’s nice to see that there are quite a few Filipina models on the website. I used to view Filipina models on another large webcam site about a decade ago with regularity. Then there was some sort of purge and most of them were driven off. Today you don’t find nearly as many Filipina cam girls online anywhere.

There is a rise in the number of Thai webcam models that is easy for the astute observer to notice. But they are still small in number. Especially when compared to the population of Thailand as a whole or the number of women engaged in the commercial industry in the land of smiles.

To broadcast or not to broadcast

I am not sure what goes into the thought process behind deciding to model. Surely money is the main motivation for most. But since there are actually women who broadcast their nude bodies on the internet without compensation there must be more to it.

Interesting to me at least is the fact there tend to be more models from countries where prostitution is either forbidden or frowned upon than countries with vibrant sex industries. For example there are a lot of webcam models from the United States. Yet prostitution is a no go in most of the land of milk and honey. What is behind this contradiction?

Of course this is just an observation. Colombia is an obvious exception. Prostitution in Colombia is legal and widespread. Yet Colombia is also home to countless models who broadcast themselves in their birthday suits on this and other adult webcam sites.

Then there are countries like the United Kingdom. Some forms are the sex trade remain A okay there. And you can also find a fair number of British gals doing porn and webcam broadcasts. So there is a balance in Blighty. There are even some Asian gals in the mix who hail from the UK which is always nice to see.